Vintage style

A buckle being vintage style means that it’s finishing will not be as perfect as all the other buckles – all this is to create a more vintage look to your watch and it’s accessories.

This finishing technique gives off a more timeless feel to your watch and is a nice contrast compared to any kind of watch or strap.

A buckle with Vintage style finishing is a subtle stand out piece which will make your watch look more unique.

IMG_7932IMG_7934IMG_7936IMG_7937IMG_7939IMG_7940IMG_7942IMG_7945IMG_7946IMG_7951IMG_7952IMG_7953IMG_7954IMG_7956IMG_7959IMG_7962IMG_7965IMG_7966IMG_7967IMG_7968IMG_7970IMG_7971IMG_7973IMG_7975IMG_7977IMG_7895 IMG_7896 IMG_7897 IMG_7900 IMG_7902 IMG_7903 IMG_7904 IMG_7905 IMG_7907 IMG_7910 IMG_7911 IMG_7912 IMG_7913 IMG_7914 IMG_7915 IMG_7916 IMG_7917 IMG_7918 IMG_7919 IMG_7920 IMG_7921 IMG_7923 IMG_7924 IMG_7925 IMG_7926 IMG_7927 IMG_7928 IMG_7930

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