🌍Alytus, Lithuania

12 thoughts on “Contacts

    1. Hello,
      Please send me an email with the measurements and what type of buckle you want (the link to one of its pictures at least) then I will check if I have them available and give you the paypal information. Once you do the payment, then I will send it out and give you the tracking code.


  1. Good day
    I am looking for a bronze clasp with a very wide mandrel (7mm) for an isoframe. Can you make such a 20 mm clasp?

  2. Hi, I am after a plain brass 22mm Buckle (spring or screw) with a 8mm tang, to fit an Isofrane strap.
    Do you do one?, and if so, how much?

    Thank you,

  3. Hi: I am interested in ordering one of your strap & (bronze) buckle sets in 22mm for a Tudor Black Bay Bronze watch . . . If paid through paypal how long a delivery time is expected? Thank you

    1. Hello! It usually takes about 7 days to deliver anywhere in Europe and about 14 days to be delivered in the US.

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