Bronze Vintage Skull 24 mm bb-115

*Vintage style means that the buckle will look purposefully rustic and with some unevenness – therefore it is called vintage style finishing.

Bronze Vintage Skull 24 mm


Our original buckles are fully handmade with our special technique and available only on our website.
Buckle cast out of bronze CuSn8.
The screw-bar is made from stainless steel 2.00mm thick (flat head screwdriver).
The standard tongue is 3.7mm wide (for straps with 4.00mm holes). However, the tongues as an optional additional purchase are available in other sizes – 4, 5, 6 and 7 mm (contact me directly for more information).
Free shipping by registered mail. You will receive the tracking information after the dispatchment. The preparation takes up to 3-4 workdays.

Also available in the sizes: 22 mm and 26 mm

SIZES:  22, 24, 26 mm
Shipping within 3-4 workdays

Vintage Skull

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